• The Social Game Platform

Play and

We are creating a digital platform where people can connect with friends and forge new acquaintances in a playful way.

Using the most recent technology, we are working hard on our vision to design a digital sphere that gamifies the social experience in itself. Blending the ingredients of current social media with a range of different game mechanics, is what we aim to establish: an unprecedented combination of both a social platform and a game-based community experience.

An Involving

The fundamental inspiration for our product is the joy of connecting. Sharing the process of playing means to compute, cooperate and communicate with others in a joyful way. Being truly involved in an emerging online community is one of the best introductory means for fostering  personal connections. Even when we don’t realize it, just like socializing, playing is part of our nature. It is a great way of getting in touch, learning about each other and having a fun time together.