• Our Story

Crafting Novel Means of Human Interaction

Communication is the fundamental aspect of being human. We rely on it from the moment we’re born. That’s how we survive, that’s how we learn, grow and progress in life. Nothing of value is ever achieved in isolation – it’s always a product of collaboration, exchange of knowledge and experiences. Communication, quite literally, shapes humans. That’s why we’re so passionate about it.

Mastering, enhancing, advancing, and improving it directly impacts how humans develop, how they behave, what they do and what they achieve. And today is the best time ever to work on all of the above, since modern technology has expanded the ways in which humans can interact with each other beyond anything that has ever been possible. That’s what we’ve dedicated ourselves to.

Technology Driven

We’ve founded Lakehaus to combine years of experience in designing enticing digital experiences – and use them to build novel applications using the cutting edge in A.I. and Machine learning to enhance the user experience and individualize the way we interact with the digital world.

We believe it is quite wrong to assume that technology drives people apart – when, in reality, it allows for a myriad of completely new ways of interaction. And carefully designed software or product can only encourage and enhance it.