Nurturing Meaningful Personal Connections

Many people still think that technology drives people apart – that we become mindless instead of mindful, blankly staring into our screens. But in reality, modern IT developments have brought more people closer together than any other medium in the history of humankind.

Here at Lakehaus, we’re leveraging these advances to push the boundaries of seamless, fun, productive human interaction on all levels. We’re changing the ways people communicate, work and enjoy their lives together. Join us for the ride.

About Us

We are an international Start-Up based in Berlin and San Francisco. We founded Lakehaus to combine years of experience in designing enticing digital experiences – and use them to build cutting edge and novel applications in A.I. and Machine Learning in order to profoundly enhance User Experience and to individualize the way we interact with the digital world.

The Social Game Platform

We want to bring to life our vision of the Internet as a social meeting place where people can connect and forge new friendships in a playful way: based on a variety of chat– and online communities, we are creating an unprecedented phenomena by combining a social platform and a game-based community.

Work With Us

We’re a diverse team of doers and creators, innovators and accomplishers. We build digital products that shape human relationships by combining our expertise in communication technology and the boldness of real innovation in social experiences.